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About Us

What Defines Us

Family Company

We are a family company and nature lovers. We created this park in 2010 with the objective of protecting the education and research behind Costa Rica natural richness.


We actively support the conservation of species in danger of extinction and the protection of natural ecosystems. That is why we also function as a rescue center for animals and as a biological station, which allows us to collaborate with the natural balance and the reproduction of some endangered species of amphibians and reptiles.


We pay attention to all of our practices and processes to be sustainable and nature-friendly. We develop effective action plans to take care of the resources we use. We are committed and we look for your commitment to be part of a sustainable system that goes beyond our park to reach your lifestyle.

Quality Service

We are recognized for offering high-quality customer service. When you visit us, you will feel like we open the doors to exotic animals and plants.

We are a family and we want our service to be unique and special with details and experiences that make you feel like you’re home.

Community Outreach

We are part of the community! We are concerned about its development and growth and we have a special interest in new generations integrated by children and young people.

That is why we offer speeches and we work to reach more people with our knowledge. We also recognize and appreciate the work of our collaborators and the importance of the people that visit the park.

How Did We Start?

This was how we were born!

Ronald Ferreto Campos, who worked for 24 years in the Costa Rica National Bank (BNCR), bought the property where Arenal Natura is located in 2004. At that moment, it was deforested cattle farm, but a reforestation process was started that year to create a new environment, and a house for vacations was built too.

One night, while he walked with his wife around the lagoon, he listened to some frogs singing and that was the moment when the idea of the frog garden came to him. To make his idea a reality, he quit his job at the bank thanks to his entrepreneurial spirit and love for nature.

With his money savings and labor benefits, he started the construction of the frog garden and opened it in July 2010. Then, in 2011, other attractions were added like the crocodiles, caimans, and snakes.

Our Journey

Natural Experience

Our services are more than activities because we offer unforgettable experiences within nature. Our wish is that you can take with you a new and unique experience while you connect with the natural surroundings in our park and also to offer you some invaluable knowing through our tours, giving you the special and warm customer service that characterizes us.

Rescue Center And Research

We look after the welfare of the species in danger of extinction and we rescue wild animals, especially amphibians and reptiles. We also believe in the restoration of populations and the conservation of habitats. That is why we have created the artificial lagoon for the reproduction of native amphibians of the North Zone and we have a quarantine area to treat injured amphibians and reptiles. Additionally, we work in the research area to get more scientific knowledge about our biodiversity and generate a bigger interest in institutions, organizations, and people that support nature conservation.

New Horizons

We were born with an innovative idea, being the biggest frogs garden in Costa Rica, and we continue growing thanks to our visitors and collaborators that are our internal heroes. Now we are preparing for new and conservationist projects because we have two new nature reserves to expand our research, activities and our mission of conserving and protecting the species and their environment.

Park Founders

Ronald Ferreto Camps, bank manager and nature lover, is the founder of Arenal Natura, with the help of his wife, who is always supporting him, and his kids, who are his inspiration. He decided to abandon the numbers, the desk and the office for a farm that had a prepared mission: being home for amphibians and reptiles. The result is more than satisfactory and now this place is home for many other animal species. Today, he is the general director of the park and he works in two more natural reserves to get a bigger arena for research and conservation.