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Night Walk Experience Tour

Quick Details

Adult (12+)
Child (5-11)
Young Child (0-4)

A special late evening eco-adventure at our Costa Rica ecological park!

Did you know that 95% of Natura Park’s species are nocturnal? When the sun sets across the park, a different side of the Costa Rican rainforest comes to life under the cover of darkness. Are you ready to discover it?

Join us on a guided night walk through Natura Ecological Park for a chance to see all of the nocturnal creatures that call our park home. Explore the forested trails of this private nature reserve and listen as the jungle comes alive with the activity of nocturnal animals like sloths, armadillos, night birds, and more than 20 species of frogs!

Look and listen for animals that remain hidden during the day, and learn how these amazing creatures are adapted for life in the dark. Come prepared to ask lots of questions about our favorite creatures that lurk in the dark.

Reserve your spot on the Night Walk Tour online.